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Awesome Tips To Start Your Own Online Business Successfully

With the advent of technology, it has become easier to start your very own business. Nowadays, you have the option to put up an online store, which can reach more clients all around the world. To put it simply, the internet has opened countless of opportunities that are all waiting to be explored.

If you want to take advantage of what the online world has to offer, then this article is for you. Today, we will be listing simple, but very effective tips that will help you to have a good start on your business. Let’s say you have registered it already and have processed all the necessary documents and requirements, here are the steps that you may want to follow:

First of all, you need to choose your product well. Do a research of what niche would sell the most. Keep in mind that niche is crucial since it can spell the difference between success and failure. Some of the most popular niches include health, fashion and beauty.

For a lot of newbies, picking the product to sell is one of the most challenging steps in starting an online business venture. The key here is to take your time to do your assignment of finding the latest trends and stats that will help you in your decision. There are a lot of factors to consider and you have to make sure that you have covered all of them.

Once you have chosen the product, the next step is to evaluate it. Do more research about it and your target market. Ask yourself, “Is the product a good idea or not?” You should also know about your competition. Write your business plan and come up with specific steps and timeframe. With the plan, you should always be specific. Also, your goals should be measurable and time-bound. Doing all of these will help keep you on the right track.

After doing a thorough evaluation, it is now time to contact the manufacturers of the products you will try to sell in your online store. Check out various suppliers to get the best price and quality. If you want to build a strong online business, you should be able to get the trust of your customers, and this is only possible with a good product and an exemplary customer service.

While finalizing your products, you should also work on building your online platform. There are a lot of free website makers available today. You can easily do your own website depending on your preference. If you are not so sure on where to start, you can always ask for the help of professional website builders. The advantage of getting the help of an expert is that they can execute perfectly what you have in mind, all you have to do is to give the idea.

Aside from the website, you also need to work on your launching strategy. A lot of business owners give away discounts to introduce their products. You can also giveaway coupon codes if you want. So many established online sites do this. One example is Beauty Bay which has a wide range of beauty, skin and hair products in their site. They have available Beauty Bay discount codes for their loyal customers. Another wonderful online store that is very popular is Pink Boutique which sells clothes, footwear and accessories. They also have a Pink Boutique discount code for their clients who want to shop with them with big savings. You can follow this strategy and use this to your advantage.

Lastly, promote your online platform well. The promotional strategy should, of course, be included in your business plan. One effective way to disseminate information about your new business is through social media sites. Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the likes will help you to reach more potential clients.

There you have it! These are the steps on starting a new online business. What you need to remember is that just like in any business, putting up an online store is a risk, but as long as you have done your research well, you do not have to worry. Just don’t give up and see for yourself how your small business turns into an empire right before you very eyes.


My Journey Into Amazon FBA

I have been living in China for the past 6 years and have looked into a few business ventures, however it may surprise you that I never really looked in to exporting which would have been the obvious choice. The reasoning behind it was that I felt I wasn’t really in a position to sell the products within the UK if I was based in China. For this reason, I was always looking into importing products into China to exploit the growing middle class here and their demand for foreign goods which they put a premium on. Whilst I have had some success selling on sites like Taobao, and I continue to sell some foreign brands on that platform, it has never been able to grow beyond what I would classify as a hobby. This is for a few reasons but namely being the large amounts of regulation that is involved with importing products and the large amount of upfront capital that is required.

Late last year I came across Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA will essentially remove the problem of logistics when selling in the UK as Amazon will do it all for you. You can store the products in their warehouses and when a sale is made through their platform they will pick and pack the product and deliver it often times the very next day. Of course you have to pay Amazon a small fee for this but due to their economies of scale I am sure it will probably work out cheaper in the long run as well as saving me a lot of time so that I can concentrate on marketing and driving traffic to the product listings.

I have picked my product which will be fruit infuser water bottles. Honestly, I didn’t do much research into them other than they have a good amount of sales volume. Out of luck when inspecting my bottles here in China I realized I have the same supplier as many of the top sellers in the US and UK such as InfusionPro and Aquatiser. I am quietly optimistic, after creating a small marketing site targeting buying keywords such as, best fruit infuser water bottle, I have already been sending a few sales to Amazon.  It is not a far stretch to also add my own bottle to that site and it will be able to send some traffic to my future listings.

The bottles are scheduled to arrive on May 25th and so will probably be available for purchase in early June. I have also created a brand new site for my fruit infuser water bottles under the brand name FruitMe. If you are interested here is a picture of what my bottles look like!

In future posts, I will go into greater detail on how I sourced the fruit infuser bottles and also my marketing plans going forward!

UPDATE 08/06/2016: The bottles, after taking close to 1 week to travel just a few miles, have finally arrived in Amazon’s warehouse, so if you are interested in buying my fruit infuser water bottle you can do so.